All about BabKarishniHaa

Aren’t random titles just the best??? Scratch that, just being random is the best whether it’s a title, an action or what you say……lol Hi-lo J salutations Earthlings, so I’m Toni….. (But you already know that) and I’m and alcoholic lmao just kidding. I’m currently 20 years old the last time I checked (which was when I started typing) and I’m a scorpio. I live in Cape Town –born and bred here- I’m a 3rd year physiotherapy student at UWC and I’d like to specialize in paeds when I complete my studies.

moulin rouge

 I’m in love with music, I also enjoy going to the theatre, watching movies and reading books (from science fiction to crime stories and comic books). I do like spending time around my friends and family (but not too much or I’ll go nuttier than a fruit cake). Some of my favourite movies include Sweeney Todd, Pirates of the Caribbean range, The Notebook, The Vow, Despicable me, Finding Nemo, Case 39 and I can go on and on.


I also love Chicago, the Snow Queen, Mama Mia, Swan Lake and Top gear even though it’s not a theatre production  K lol. I favour rock music but my tastes are very eclectic. I really don’t like speaking in front of people or being in large crowds but I think my acting skills does suffice so I fake it until i look comfortable. the one lesson i will never forget is “walk with conviction, do something with conviction and people will think you’re right” my lecturer Michael Rowe told us that while getting lost in the halls of Tygerberg hospital lol….and it such with me.


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