Euthanizing the custodians of planet Earth

I recently read a very profound article on us homo-sapiens and our untimely desolation by Douglas Mulhall “Are We Enlightened Guardians, Or Are We Apes Designing Humans?” It left me asking, once again “why are we still even here” the majority of our species have caused more harm and destruction than any other species. Yes we are flawed and make mistakes but some of the mistakes that were and are being made affect the millions in huge clusters. So to euthanize or not to euthanize? We are not God to make this decision but thinking about reason behind people killing their own kin brings me back to our “torture” topic (now I am against torture in any form I can think of) isn’t watching someone you love and respect also a form as torture? To them and to you, so wouldn’t ending it be best? “The idea of giving up our freedom in order to preserve our freedom from attack by disaffected groups is being heavily debated right now, without much agreement.” (Douglas Mulhall, 2006) to torture or to kill? LMAO thinking of this sends me into a mental cascade of agony and endless cross roads without any instinctual way out or a curved path to follow. It’s the perfect “catch 22” you doomed if you do and you doomed if you don’t. Keep them alive and allow the emotional turmoil to kill you while they cruelly suffer in silence or kill them- you labelled a murderous criminal- but they free and so are you (well your conscience and emotionally). So what do you do? Who dictates what we are allowed to do? Do they consider a moral or ethical view when making the “tough decisions” or do they consider a religious view.

If it were me, I’d leave it to time- so it can take its course- eventually things will turn out as they supposed to, all I need to do is pray I make it out intact once everything is over and done. I know people tend to tell you that “you must decide” and the pressure we can place on one another is also a cruel form of torture but it really isn’t our decision, we aren’t selfless, smart, civilized, compassionate, empathetic or human enough to say- how can we, when some have the ability to kill millions of their own species (little children too) and others use defenceless animals/insects or livestock to abuse and overuse into near or to extinction. The very creatures we are to look after and protect.


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