Torture me this, torture me that

This is one of my least favorite topics, i don’t really like the idea of people repeatedly and purposefully hurting one person all for the “greater good”. to me it always comes down to “what is the greater good” and how do we as humans know what the greater good really is? we are our own worst enemies, i know i am my own worst enemy. i tend to sabotage myself in all ways possible just because i don’t think i’m worthy. others tend to think they entitled to own the world because they deserve it and its their right. if it were someone we knew and cared for….would we still want to torture them to save a country. i think it takes cold hearted people to torture another and thats when i start to consider the fact that maybe we shouldnt be saved. that we all deserve to die a fate worse than death…. but then i think of all the innocent childrren who have yet to live, make mistakes and grow. so this is not one of my favorite topics to discuss and its one i will never agree with. i am against torture even though some good comes from it, we have no right to hurt others and justify it by saying it was to help ensure safety and surcurity for all.


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