week 3- Equal and unbiased religious view

I follow the Christian (protestant) religion, and like many other it has shaped the way I think, live and interact with others. But I am proud to say I do not share many of the “ideals” of the religion. Yes the Bible does say “a man shall not love another man” but it also says “love your neighbour as you love yourself” and “man was created in God’s image” so does that not apply to everyone? Homosexuality and race are both hard limits for people in general, most people will proudly boast on how S.A is democratic and we all have equal rights but call someone a kaffir and immediately you are the evil spurn from hell. It’s just a word which originally meant infidel, so why give one word so much power??? It’s ridiculous, why give religion so much power? We will never be truly equal or a “free democratic nation” if we can’t let go of personal vendetta’s and primitive views. If your friend/sister/cousin/mother etc. is homosexual they still just managed to do something most of us aren’t lucky to do: they fell in love. Putting love into a colour category is extremely one dimensional and plainly unimaginable. It’s like comparing sand and vanilla ice-cream.

As a Christian I proudly say I have nothing against the gay and lesbian community but I do have something against religious freaks who take the Bible literally and are stuck in the old testament and racial pigs who use the colour of their skin as an excuse, those who bastardise it, ignorant fools who cannot think from another’s point of view and see from a different perspective; regardless (I know holding a grudge is wrong I am working on my issues) those people are keeping us behind in more ways than one.


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