Direction of the moral compass




When it comes to “right and “wrong” everyone is an expert, we all seem to think we’re right but when everyone is right does that mean there is no wrong? WELL DEFINATELY NOT! That’s why laws are in place (laws aren’t always right either thus voting) but in our practice how do we know what to do? Luckily for us we don’t have to make that decision, there were many before us that have done this and have found which ways are best we just complicate it by objecting our own personal views onto others. Patients have rights for a reason, we have to respect their wants whether we agree with it or not. When it comes to treatment there is a little word “compromise” that we all need to make friends with, if a patient does not want treatment or the treatment you want to give them then find some middle ground you cannot force your will onto others. So what to do when we face the epic battle, our last stand against the immoral demon? Can you wash your hands free from all the madness and walk away? Do we chart a new course for “not my problem Ville” that of cause is up to each and every one of us.


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