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How much is too much, where do we draw the line?

Growing up i was raised with the saying “treat others they way you want to be treated” and today its embedded into me. I always thought it was a given: respect, dignity and sincerity- respect others and their privacy, always be genuine, give them the dignity they deserve and care about their feelings, preferenes and their culture. Its tools I’ve brought with me during my studies and I hope to always carry it with me but how much is too much? Does “too much” even exist and where do we draw the line?

Throughout this module; I want to learn about this ‘imaginary line’ we should not be crossing and why? why do we need to maintain professional distance from our patients and does it add or distract from their treament. after all we should do what is best for them- our patients; but at what point do we think about the personal cost it has to/on us.

Showing empathy is a healthy way to establish positive relationship with your patients, when you care about their well being they are more eager to do what you ask, as they know its in their best intersts. How do we give them our best when we are limited in certain ways, who is to say what is ‘morally ethical’ and what is not- who are we to judge. As a future health care professional i want to give my patients the best care possible because my mom or someone i love will be another professionals patient at some point and i would expect that they be given the best care possible. how do we maintain professional distance and ¬†give our patients the best care possible, how do we assure that our colleagues do the same. Is it even our place to do so? Is our patients health worth bending the rules for?